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Riley Inge – Lead Singer

September, 19Band MembersNo comment

Riley Inge is a veteran recording artist, producer, songwriter, stage and screen performer. He started his professional career journey in the mid ’70’s, as the male lead vocalist in his own group called “Prophecy”. He directed and performed with “Prophecy” throughout the eastern and southern United States and down to Mexico. From the early stages, Riley has and continues to work closely with the industry’s best and brightest; opening shows for such acts and artists as Smokey Robinson, Miles Jay, Stephanie Mills, The Chilites, Dee Dee Sharpe, King Floyd and The Pockets name but a few.

In addition to his musical interests, Riley had a sincere yearning for the stage. He pursued his stage acting career by appearing in off Broadway productions such as: One Bright Hope; Kennedy at Colonus; Me, Too, Then! and Breaking Light. His feature film roles are just as impressive. Film credits include roles in The Buffalo Soldiers, produced by Stephen Spielberg; Ring of Steel, by Mary Griffin Productions; and All’s Fair In Love and War, by Starland Productions, along with a television commercial appearance for Scott Paper Products and music video appearances for Rap artist Easy E.

Riley has performed session work with Keith Washington and also performed as Washington’s opening act at the Civic Center in Philadelphia. Riley performed as part of the legendary group, The Temptations. Riley has enjoyed working as a solo act, and he concentrated his energies on promoting, performing and booking shows in Atlantic City, New Jersey, California; and at casinos such as Bally’s, Trump and The Taj Mahal – not forgetting the Las Vegas casinos and also cruise ship performances. After this, Riley decided to put together two performing touring groups: Flash Back, an “oldies” group and Ryze, a duet with a female vocalist.

Riley believes that music is universal — it has no barriers of color or class. Music is limitless, evenly present and loved by all people. He states that music “is God exposing himself through man and man humbling himself to God in a total submission for his gift”. Riley continues to write new material born out of his genuine passion for life and a strong spiritual inspiration from his “higher power”. He views his material as songs integrating Gospel, Pop and R & B sounds, into a style he developed whilst coming of age in an era where gospel, rock and jazz music grew together like the many different people who played it.

In addition to his musical career, Riley is concentrating his efforts on a number of children’s programs. Currently he has ‘in the works’ a children’s educational program called: Drew’s Magic Cart slated for PBS television. Inspiration for this project came from God. It is Riley’s belief that it is important to be accountable while here on earth and that it is not how much a person takes that matters, but what they give and leave behind of substance that counts in the eyes of God. He feels strongly that his children’s project will do just that for our youth who are the future of our tomorrow. Another project Riley developed is S.T.O.P (Steps To Overcoming Problems) focusing on the problems and remedies associated with bullying. Riley attends at many schools throughout the lower mainland and B.C. giving his time and resources for this very important cause that he beliefes in. We are sure you will agree that this work is not in vain.

As a solo artist, Riley has been spotted performing in Los Angeles at Marla Gibbs, Memory Lane, Nicky Blair’s, Mirabella, the St. James’ Hotel, The Improv, The Money Tree and The Paladium.

Recently Riley has performed at the Chateau Whistler, Legends, The Marquee Grill, Gotcha’, The Capri, Rodayo’s, Capone’s and the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to name a few.

Riley has also been invited to speak and entertain at many corporate functions and is slated to perform at various casinos throughout the lower mainland in the near future. As well, he has been invited to entertain in Japan and China.

There is more to this legendary entertainer than meets the eye. Once you have had the opportunity to see Riley perform we are sure you will find him to be a powerhouse of energy that is electrifying and captivates his audience with pure magic.

Dino Dinicolo – Bass Player

September, 19Band MembersNo comment

Dino has captivated audiences around the world with his humility, and innate charisma.  His career has taken him to the countries of Hawaii, Japan, Grand Cayman, New Zealand and across the continents of Europe and North America. Through years of working in the music industry with EMI Publishing Canada, Ben Kaplan, Chris Potter and Law & Order’s Michael Moriarty (to name just a few) Dino has become one of the most in- demand, versatile bassists in Vancouver, and abroad.

Dorothy Godlinski – Vocalist

September, 19Band MembersNo comment

Dorothy Godlinski, a westcoast artist with smooth-lyrical vocal stylings, joined the Ryze band in 2013. Forged by both her latin and european musical upbringing, this multi-lingual singer enjoys combining her love of languages and music. Her favorite genres to explore are Bossanova, Latin Jazz, Italian Folk and really, anything French.

Leanne Graber – Vocalist

September, 19Band MembersNo comment
Surrounded by a musical family, Leanne was encouraged to entertain from an early age. Inspired by singers like Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand and Linda Ronstadt Leanne’s performed on local TV networks, in showcase events, radio commercials, and with a variety of bands around the Lower Mainland. Her fun-loving appeal and ability to connect with any audience compliments her soulful, dynamic powerhouse vocals. She is a natural talent who continues to fuel her passion as a lead vocalist in many projects including fronting her own band “Swayed”. Leanne’s thrilled to be a “Ryzette”, one of Riley’s backup singers, in his Flashback to Motown Band.

Rob Blackburn – Keyboard Player

September, 19Band MembersNo comment

Rob has spent his entire life living and breathing music.  He studied and completed piano and musical theory programs with the Royal Conservatory of Music and received his Music Diploma at Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology.  A multi-instrumentalist (including piano, guitar, vocals and trombone, to name just a few), Rob has toured extensively worldwide with numerous bands and has many studio and writing credits.  He’s been a respected Agent for a Las Vegas-based Entertainment Agency since early 2005 and continues to perform and record in the Vancouver area and abroad with various acts – including, of course, Riley and the Ryze!

Michael Aihoshi – Guitar Player

September, 19Band MembersNo comment

From Toronto, Michael started playing local bars at the age of 15, and within a few years, while studying music at Humber College and studying guitar with Tony Braden and Hank Monis, Aihoshi was touring nationally playing blues, country, rock, celtic, pop, progressive rock and R’n’B. His credits include two years with Canada’s King of Soul, George Olliver (formerly with Mandala), as well as sharing the stage with some of Canada’s premier musicians, Domenic Trioano, Doug Riley, Geddy Lee, Prakash John, Whitey Glan, Rik Emmett, Mei Han and Randy Raine-Reusch  to name just a few.

Mark Gruft – Drummer

September, 19Band MembersNo comment
Mark is a native Vancouverite who began keeping time at age 13.
Always playing to support the song, a solid backbeat and a swingin’ pocket are the backbone of his philosophy.

Langston Ramon – Trumpet

September, 19Band MembersNo comment

Langston aka “Doc Ramone”, is a local musician based in Vancouver born in Kingston Jamaica. His musical journey began in Bella Coola, where he picked up the trumpet in elementary school and played in the jazz and concert bands. Upon graduation, Langston traveled across Europe with the Canadian National Honour Band which helped gel his passion for music. After studying at the University of Michigan, Langston started focusing more on trumpet and guitar and voice, studying with local and international musicians and attending the University of Stanford and Port Townsend summer jazz programs. As a multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger, Langston keeps busy with many local projects such as Billy Dixon’s Soul Train, Camaro 67′, and co-produced and recorded Doc Ramone and Corduroy Kid Present Dirty Bottom.

Graham Howell – Saxophone

September, 19Band MembersNo comment

Graham has played with Riley and the Ryze Band since 2010 and continues to dig all things Motown—but that’s not all.

After finishing formal music training at UBC’s School of Music, Graham went on to play in a variety of musical groups. A brief stint in several military bands (Band of the Ceremonial Guard, Ottawa; Canadian Forces School of Music, Esquimalt; 15th Field Artillery Band, Vancouver) was followed by five years of crisscrossing Canada in a 1975 Dodge van playing English ska music in Skaboom! Life on the road continued, in more comfortable circumstances, with such bands as Ralph the Beatnik Poet; Canada’s metal queen, Lee Aaron; and The Powder Blues Band.

Graham’s interest in private teaching keeps him busy with students studying flute, clarinet, saxophone, music theory and harmony. He teaches from his home studio, at the Arbutus Club, and at Tapestry Music on West Broadway. He likes to put his woodwind doubling to the test by playing in pit orchestras, too. Recent examples include Victor/Victoria (Metro theatre), Into the Woods (Fighting Chance Productions), Boys from Syracuse (Applause!), and City of Angels (The PIT Collective). As well, Graham enjoys playing for the jive dancers and Lindy hoppers who come out for Alexander Browne’s “The Aristocrats of Swing” jazz orchestra. An avid fan of David Bowie, Graham works with Syl Thompson in his multi-media tribute act “A Night of Bowie”, and has performed with this band in many venues, including Nanaimo’s Port Theatre, the Surrey Arts Centre, and for the Sun Peaks Retro Music Festival.

Time in the recording studio has been focused on special projects of late, namely those of solo artists LJ Mounteney (jazz, blues, and soul vocalist) and Dino DiNicolo (the Ryze’svery own vocalist and bassist!).

Graham shares his passion for classical music with his wife, mezzosoprano soloist, Melissa Howell. Together, they have performed in local productions of Mozart’s The Magic Flute (The Opera Project), Mozart’s Requiem (Dunbar Ryerson United Church), The Singing Bank—a Downtown Eastside opera outreach program (Opera Bravissima), and An Evening of Cabaret (Postmodern Camerata).

Graham is pleased to bring all these influences and experiences to meld with the fabric of sound that is Riley and the Ryze Band.

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